Information about Ohio Emergency PPE Maker's Exchange

How it works

How it works

If you are an Ohio manufacturer who is interested in sharing, selling, or donating personal protective equipment (or other products such as beds, hand sanitizer, etc.) that you are producing, please go to and fill out the survey.  After you talk to a member of the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19 your eligibility will be determined to join this Makers’ Exchange.  Please note that we are not including offers to source PPE from other countries here; this marketplace is for Ohio-made products.


The Makers’ Exchange is NOT an e-commerce site and the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance will not be involved in transactions between buyers and sellers – this platform is more like Craigslist than eBay. Representatives from the Alliance will be available to answer your questions about the platform or how to create a listing. We have outlined community expectations below, but aside from making all efforts to prevent brokers from using the Exchange, we are not in a position to vet or verify sellers, products, or buyers.


If you are interested in procuring any of these products, please contact the "sellers" who may have signed up to sell or donate directly on this platform.


It is easy to sign up and post your products. Listed submissions must be approved by the Alliance. Only retooled or repurposed products from Ohio manufacturers who have already submitted the survey/response form at and been contacted by the Alliance team will be eligible. 

We apologize in advance, but the following conditions apply:

No sales of large capital equipment; this is meant for emergency needs only.

Only Ohio manufacturers with a plant in Ohio and an Ohio address may post supplies.

No brokers, distributors, or Ohio manufacturers that are acting in the role of brokers or distributors for foreign-made products are permitted to post.  These and all similar products will be forwarded directly to institutional purchasing agents for their consideration. 

No out of state manufacturers with no local manufacturing presence may post supplies.

No N95 or surgical masks unless we have verified that they are constructed locally.

No ventilators.

No services (thank you for offering, but this is meant just for physical products).

We may make exceptions for cotton cloth masks designed here and sewn out of state or in the Americas on a case by case basis.

Our goal is to approve submissions within three hours or less during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday). 

To draw potential buyers to the platform, we will activate industry associations, media outlets, and civic departments over the coming days and weeks. We will place advertisements and leverage social media to attract traffic to the Exchange.

 Our commitment is to do everything possible in the fight against COVID-19. Promotion will begin as soon as there is a minimum of products on the Exchange for buyers to search.


Expectations for all Exchange users

Be responsive: As much as possible, respond to inquiries within 24 hours. If sellers do not respond within 24 hours, buyers may notify platform administrator. If buyers complain about a seller’s unresponsiveness, the seller may be removed from the platform by the administrator. Buyers have 24 hours to respond to a seller’s offer. After 24 hours, sellers can offer their product to another buyer.

Be community-minded: In these stressful times, please be considerate of others on the platform who may have lots of questions for you. Please be empathetic to others’ situations and reach out to platform administrators as questions arise.


Additional expectations for sellers

Create detailed listings with photos: Provide as much information as possible in your listings, such as dimensions, materials, components, and any testing/certifications. Also include information about the manufacturing facility, if relevant (i.e., latex-free facility). At least one photograph is required. 

Update your listings: Sellers are responsible for removing or updating listings if inventory is depleted.

Thank you again for your participation in this effort. If you have questions about the Exchange, please reach out to