Karen's Sunshine Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz. Spray

Karen's Sunshine Hand Sanitizer is a Broad Range Sanitizer that is formulated for personal care and features the CDC recommended 70% Alcohol. $2.50 per 4 oz. bottle up to 83 Bottles / $2.25 per 4 oz. bottle for orders over 84 bottles. All orders are PLUS Shipping. Other ingredients include Aloe, Glycerine & Hydrogen Peroxide. Please contact Karen's Hand Sanitizer at contact@sol-techgroup.com for ordering information.

Customers or users who have tested and purchased your product (if any): Fortune 500 Communications Company - Food Service and Retail
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: Immediately
Minimum order size: 25
Maximum Order Size: 100000