SaferHands USA 2oz Spray Bottles (Set of 60)

SaferHands USA, owned by ACE Medical Co. manufactures Hand Sanitizer, with 70% ethyl alcohol, made in the USA. The product comes in a 2oz spray bottle in packs of 60. The label for the product is also available. We are available for pickup in the local Cincinnati area, delivery options are available as well.

Customers or users who have tested and purchased your product (if any): Bishops Quarter Bar, Traci Bar, Shooters Sports Grill, Narrow Path Brewing, Fifty West Brewing, Hamilton County Emergency Management Division, City of Loveland, Astoria Place Nursing Homes and more!
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: immediately
Minimum order size: 1
Maximum Order Size: 5