2Shield Protective Barrier


Workers are often at the highest risk of infectious disease
transmission, given they’re in constant, close contact with
the public or each other. 2Shield serves as a mobile and
transparent protective barrier for them—and anyone in close
proximity—oering protection when and where it’s needed.
Its lightweight and narrow design means it can go anywhere
necessary, oering protection against aerosol transmission
while still providing exceptional sightlines. Locking wheels
ensure 2Shield stays put, giving workers true peace of mind
and a higher degree of protection. Best yet, it comes in two
dierent sizes for the ultimate in flexibility.

Minimum order size: 2
Maximum Order Size: 6
Customers or users who have tested and purchased your product (if any): Hospitals, Doctors, Carry-Out
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: 7-10 Days, Current. This may change.