N95 Mask & Essentials UVC Decontamination Device

Protect your healthcare team and community.

Decontaminate your own N95 mask and essential unfolded items while you wait

The ARK 100™ Decontamination Device with High Performance HPUVC™ Technology is the cost-effective solution to extend the use of essential N95 respirators and improve sustainability.  It provides on-demand usage when one needs it and where one needs it. The device sits on a tabletop and decontaminates in just two minutes with a simple touch of bottom.

What separates our device from others is the patent pending High Performance HPUVC™ Technology which provides best-in-class outcomes. The ARK 100™ provides the highest UVC flux at the lowest exposure times to exceed both FDA and CDC recommended dosage of 1 J/cm2 for N95 treatment. FDA sponsored research validates up to 20 UVC cycles for N95 respirators. Developed by former GE engineers, scientists, and business leaders.

On-Demand, When Needed, Where Needed

  • Fast & Effective: decontaminates in 2 minutes
  • Easy & Safe: tabletop size and 1 button operation
  • Cost Effective: can pay for itself in less than 1 month of use

Will fit up to 6 N95 masks, a face shield, or a large tablet or phone as well as unfolded PPE.

Important Disclaimer: Camillus LLC makes no claim specific to the germ killing, virus killing, bacteria killing, pathogen killing, etc. efficacy of the ARK 100™.  Any purchase of the ARK 100™ will require a Release of Liability document to be signed by the customer.

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Developed and produced by Camillus LLC in Ohio.

Maximum Order Size: 10
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: 3 weeks
Minimum order size: 1