Handmade cloth facemasks

We have been producing cloth facemasks to combat COVID19 and provide protection for those in need. Yellowcakeshop has manufactured over 15,000 + masks for Clevelanders and essential businesses alike.

Our mask is based off the highly tested Olson mask pattern. We developed and tested our mask with Case Western Reserve University’s think box to ascertain the highest effective quality.

It features an interior pocket for the wearer to insert their filter of choice. It is made from 100% cotton though some colors may only be available in cotton blends. All masks are machine washable and reusable. It features elastic ties on the sides to loop over the ear comfortably and easily. In the event your mask needs to be adjusted for size, threading a simple shoelace through the side channels works just as well for a quick and easy modification.

The design focuses on comfort and safety while still being sanitary. The masks feature a pocket for extra filtration and are safely launder-able.

Please note filter material is not included. If you would like to place a filter on the interior pocket of your mask we suggest the following:

1) HEPA filter material commonly used in vacuum bags

2) filter material from a furnace filter. Simply pull apart from the wiring and cardboard

3) clean unused swiffer sweeper dry cloths

Masks are machine washable best cleaned with cold or warm water. Air dry to reduce risk of shrinking. Wash as needed, interchange filters regularly for optimal effectiveness. Some organizations also recommend double stick tape at the chin or under the eyes at the cheeks for an added element of protection and a tighter seal in the event that a mask may not fit as snug as preferred.

Note: cloth masks are not a replacement for N95 masks. Nor are they medical grade. These masks can provide protection up to 85% efficacy when used with a proper filter. You can also utilize cloth masks to cover and prolong the life of your current N95 or NIOSH masks.

Please contact us directly for bulk pricing

We can also offer mass customization in assorted colors, textiles and embroidery. We offer reasonable and quick turnaround times and deliver batches as they are completed if there is an urgent need for protection.

Please ask us about our premium facemasks as well. Which feature a wire bridge in the nose and elastic on the chin for an additional fee.

Minimum order size: 50
Maximum Order Size: 10000
Customers or users who have tested and purchased your product (if any): Michelle Berry with RTA, Aaron Saltzman with Daves Supermarket
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: 100-200 pieces within 5-7 business days, 200-500 pieces within 6-8 business days, 500 - 2,000 within 8-12 business days with batches delivered as they are completed every three days or each week as needed