16 oz Bottles ChromaSafe™ Hand Sanitizer (12 Bottle Case)

ChromaSafe™ Hand Sanitizer is a fragrance-free, unadulterated antiseptic rub that utilizes the US FDA specified formula. This product contains 75% isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient. Inert ingredients include glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, and purified water USP.
The hand sanitizer comes in 16 oz (473 ml) pull-spout bottles, packaged 12 bottles per case. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums are also available.


Minimum order size: 1
Maximum Order Size: 1000
Customers or users who have tested and purchased your product (if any): We have sold to 70 accounts and manufactured 1,300 gallons to date
When will you be able to fulfill this order (e.g., immediately, 1 week per 100 pieces, etc.)?: Immediately